Product Uses

Manufacturer of a proprietary line of plastic profile extrusions for the industrial, marine, automotive and furniture sectors since 1968.

Products include:

Extruded seals, door edge guards, lip trim, lip trims, edge trim, edge trims, decorative trim, protective trim, decorativetrims, plastic extrusions, guard trim, trim guard, guard trims, plastic edge trim, pvc plastic, welting, automotive rubber seal, boat seals, boat window seal, bulb seals, door garage rubber seal, drip rail, edge guard,flap seal, flat seal, hatch seal, trim, trims, seal, seals, hatch seals, plastic seals, rubber bulb seal, rubber door seals, rubber edge trim, rubber seals, sliding seal, trim seal, weather seal, weatherstripping, lock trim, lock trims, trim lock, window seal, gaskets, extruded gaskets, locking gasket, rubber gasket, rubber window gasket, rubber window gaskets, window gaskets, automotive trim, auto trim, automotive moldings, automotive mouldings, custom rubber extrusion, extruded rubber, rubber edge, rubber edge trim, rubber edge molding, auto door edge guard, auto seals, automotive rubber trim, boat trim, car trim, marine trim, truck trim, trim guard, trim guards, door edge guard, edge protection, edgings, exterior window trim, fender trim, flexible trim, gimp trim, helmet trim, rv trim, rv window trim, trim edge, upholstery trim, van door trim, vinyl edge trim, weather strip, weatherstrips, window trim, body side molding, body side moldings, body side moulding, body side mouldings, mouldings, moldings, car mouldings, truck mouldings, and custom plastic extrusions.

Trimco specializes in the lamination of tape and mylar onto flexible plastic extrusions.