Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals

Trimco ( aka Trim-Co ) manufacturers Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals in many sizes. The D-Shaped Sponge Seal is made of Rubber and the Seal can be purchased with tape.
Applications Include: Cabinets, Tool Boxes For Trucks, Sunroofs, Windows, Skylights, Etc…
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It is important to select the correct adhesive for your application. Profiles
There are two questions that must be asked to determine the right adhesive for the job:

1 Will the seal be temporarily placed or permanently installed?2 What type of surface will the adhesive be bonded to?

S0105Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0105 S0202Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0202 S0101Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0101
Different surfaces require different adhesives. Your Trimco ® representative can help you determine the correct adhesive system for your application. 3M™ Heat Activated Tape System Advantages: S5381Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S5381 S1458Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S1458 S1678Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S1678
  • No heat required by end user, heat is applied at the factory to attach tape to extruded seal.
  • Strong bond between tape and extruded seal.
S2828Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S2828 S5272Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S5272 S1750Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S1750
  • Special adhesive systems available for a variety of applications and environmental conditions.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Impervious seal between tape and extrusion protects against moisture, dust, dirt, etc.
S1333Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S1333 S1153Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S1153 S0110Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0110
  • No holes to drill or screws to cause cracking, corrosion and stress marks.
  • No rivets or heads to detract from product appearance.
S1543Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S1543 S0108Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0108 S0109Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0109
The bonding surface where you apply the seal must be clean and free of any surface contaminants such as oils, greases, plasticizers, mold releases and dirt in general. S5036Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S5036 S0119Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0119 S0125Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0125
To achieve a good adhesive bond the seal must be compressed during installation. See Trimco ® installation guide for details. S0135Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S0135 S1705Rubber D-Profile Sponge Seals - S1705

3M Heat Activated Tape System

Seals Warranty

Trimco ® (A Division of Trim-Gard Company Limited) Seals are constantly updated, specifications are subject to change without notice and without incurring obligation. Trimco ® (A Division of Trim-Gard Company Limited) cannot anticipate or control the many different conditions which this information and our products may be used. Trimco ® (A Division of Trim-Gard Company Limited) does not guarantee the applicability, accuracy or the suitability of our Seals in any given situation. Users should conduct their own tests to determine the suitability of each product for their particular application. The Seals listed on this page are sold without warranty either expressed or implied. The buyer assumes all responsibility for loss or damage arising from the handling and use of our products.

Trimco ® uses 3M™ Heat Activated Tape on seals.
All profiles illustrated are approximately full size and are for reference only.


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